What is Social Innovation Snapshots?

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What is Social Innovation Snapshots?

The Social Innovation Snapshots are collections of data from a network of social enterprise community centers, business incubators & innovation labs. This data is collected, categorized and analysed before finally being put in the Social Innovation Snapshots this is done to achieve a clear and accurate picture of the current and developing local Myanmar social enterprise world annually. 

The information conveyed by the analysis of the Social Innovation Snapshots includes which stage of development various major and minor Social enterprises are at all the way from IDEATION to MAUTRUE which is determined by the following categories:

First is the employees of the various social enterprises by involving the number of employees in total both full time and part time employees as well as the ratio of male and female employees and who holds what positions.

Second is the type of work that they do this contains the sector that they work in which has such categories as agriculture, consulting, tourism and much more as well as their works primary beneficiary  the people who they aim to assist from the poor, woman, farmers and more.

Social Innovation Snapshots: