05 Oct
Business Recovery Capacity Building Program for Micro and Small Enterprises has been successfully finished in the last Sunday (3rd October 2021) with the business recovery idea pitching session. We also would like to thank Friedrich Naumann Foundation Myanmar for supporting the implementation of this training program. We would like to thank you to all the mentors, trainers and participants who participated interactively in this training program.
This training program has been happening for about two months from August to September 2021 and it aims to provide necessary capacity building trainings as well as consultations to the businesses that suffer from the covid-19 pandemic and current political crisis in order to recover and rehab beyond these crisis.
This program chose total 24 enterprises and these enterprises has received trainings and mentoring sessions concerning with the topics ranging from financial to digitalization management. In the end of the training, the participants were presenting their business recovery plan concerning with marketing, finance and digitalization managment untilizing business knowledge gained from this training program.

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