Digital Readiness Program for Myanmar MSMEs

According to the Digital Economy Development Committee, their action plan goal is to increase 10% of digital transformation across business sectors in the next 5 years in Myanmar.

In this meantime, COVID-19 pandemic has been happening and MSMEs are forced to change their nature of internal management and the way to deliver their services or products regarding the response to COVID-19 virus.

Therefore, Impact Hub Yangon in a collaboration of Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) Myanmar facilitated the “Digital Readiness Program for Myanmar MSMEs” which includes a series of training sessions and individual consultations to inspire and advocate Myanmar MSMEs to transform their business or a part of their business process transform into digital by acknowledging different digital topics, such as data analytic, cloud services, digital communications (email, website, domain, etc), management system, sales & marketing, payments and digital security, and so on.


Program Candidates in Total: 240 Participants

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