If you are interested in volunteering as an IHY Mentor we would like to hear from you! Please fill out the form (insert survey link –see questions below) and we’ll be in touch.

IHY Mentors are trusted advisors to the social entrepreneurs as they work together at various times during the incubation training program. IHY selects mentors who, through their education, background, and experience have knowledge of the fundamentals of business planning, financial modelling, branding and marketing, and the challenges of executing on those plans.

They are selected for their business acumen as well as their values, and are deeply committed to IHY’s vision to accelerate entrepreneurship to support economic development in Myanmar, support the social enterprise ecosystem and protect the planet. IHY’s incubation and other training programs offer a platform for mentors to engage with impactful, transformative missions and lend their expertise to individuals around Myanmar who often don’t have the infrastructure, frameworks, and networks we have at our fingertips in Yangon.

IHY incubation training helps social entrepreneurs focus, clarify, and scale their business through guided mentorship. IHY’s programs also provide a curriculum for mentors and social entrepreneurs to work through to develop and enhance the organization’s business components, but also to develop a relationship that allows for a powerful exchange of value on both sides.