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Position: Full-time

Location: Impact Hub Yangon HQ (Yaw Min Gyi)


Impact Hub Yangon is part of the world’s largest entrepreneurship community and currently supporting and scaling Myanmar economic development through entrepreneurship programs. Impact Hub Yangon is working with international organizations such as UNDP, GIZ, WWF and also working with large corporations such as Ooredoo and Grab to shape the entrepreneurship community in Myanmar.

We are currently looking for a community and event coordinator to join our core team. You will be in charge of hosting series of events and building a community to empower the local entrepreneurship community and ecosystem at large.

Interested applicants should have a bachelor’s degree or a diploma and have prior experience in an event management and communication position. Fluency in Myanmar and English is a must. A thorough understanding of entrepreneurship and community is a plus.

Roles and Responsibilities

Community Development

  • Plan and launch community initiatives to create connections between members of different interest groups
  • Promote positive image of Impact Hub Yangon and engage with the local community by attending relevant events and webinars happening in Yangon
  • Identify and engage different actors in the community including startups, MSMEs, cottage businesses, entrepreneurs, mentors, trainers and prospective partner organizations
  • Develop both offline and online channels to provide continuous effort in  community engagement 
  • Inititate and rollout activities together with the community to advance the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Myanmar


Event Planning & Management

  • Create monthly event calendar that is targeted for internal members and community members
  • Suggest event topics that are relevant or trending among the entrepreneurship community and develop detailed descriptions and event concepts.
  • Identify and engage required resources such as speakers, panelists and moderators.
  • Plan and manage logistical requirements for each event and work with operations team for the delivery of the events
  • Oversee the whole event process from marketing, publicizing, catering, smooth check-in to cleanup.
  • Act as moderator or MC at the events and ensure to provide community values to the attendees.
  • Ensure photos and recording of events are undertaken.
  • Provide a summary report of every event, and update social media and website regarding each event.


  • University or institute graduates with proven record of experience in communication and management skills
  • Demonstrated event management and community development skills
  • Passion for social values and entrepreneurial community at large
  • Fluent in spoken and written English
  • Able to use Microsoft Office and Google Suites
  • Experienced in content creation and social media management is a plus
  • Able to work independently with minimal supervision
  • High level of ethics, empathy and dependability

Please submit your resume and expected salary to latest by 15th December 2020. For more information, please contact 09795900446.


If you are interested in volunteering as an IHY Mentor we would like to hear from you! Please fill out the form (insert survey link –see questions below) and we’ll be in touch.

IHY Mentors are trusted advisors to the social entrepreneurs as they work together at various times during the incubation training program. IHY selects mentors who, through their education, background, and experience have knowledge of the fundamentals of business planning, financial modelling, branding and marketing, and the challenges of executing on those plans.

They are selected for their business acumen as well as their values, and are deeply committed to IHY’s vision to accelerate entrepreneurship to support economic development in Myanmar, support the social enterprise ecosystem and protect the planet. IHY’s incubation and other training programs offer a platform for mentors to engage with impactful, transformative missions and lend their expertise to individuals around Myanmar who often don’t have the infrastructure, frameworks, and networks we have at our fingertips in Yangon.

IHY incubation training helps social entrepreneurs focus, clarify, and scale their business through guided mentorship. IHY’s programs also provide a curriculum for mentors and social entrepreneurs to work through to develop and enhance the organization’s business components, but also to develop a relationship that allows for a powerful exchange of value on both sides.

Myanmar’s innovation ecosystem is geographically limited to Yangon. In order to take advantage of technology and practical developments occurring globally and in Myanmar’s neighbours, wide ranging support is needed to take innovation beyond Yangon’s city borders.

What’s needed to enable Innovation?

Critical areas and processes necessary to enable such innovation include: 1) product innovation where new, redesigned or substantially improved goods or services become available; 2) process innovation where new or significantly improved production or delivery methods evolve; 3) business model innovation where there is conscious change to an efficient existing or a new business model; 4) social innovation where novel solutions are applied to a social problem that is more effective, efficient, sustainable; 5) network innovation whereby processes involving multiple players (within and outside an organization) contribute towards creating the earlier noted innovations; and 6) organisational innovation where a new organisational method to undertake business practices is adopted.


Typical actors in Myanmar needed to help create an expanding, evolving innovative ecosystem include government agencies with committed policy makers and regulators to provide a positive enabling business and social environment, academics, start-ups & enterprises, incubators, accelerators and market facilitators, and of course,  finance providers.


The recently published innovation ecosystem snapshot of Yangon identifies the ecosystem  stakeholders and examines the processes in which the creation, diffusion, and transformation of concepts, knowledge and ideas are producing, or are needed to produce new or improved products, services, processes or business models.


The snapshot clearly shows there is increasing excitement about developing the outreach of Yangon’s innovation ecosystem to support and enhance the nascent innovation ecosystem, particularly in Shan State, the largest agriculture – based state in Myanmar. Finance providers and enterprises looking for potential business partnerships are examining opportunities to step into the new markets resulting from this evolving scenario.


For questions regarding the snapshot please contact Impact Hub Yangon on


Author: Rita O’Sullivan Funding and Partnership Development Adviser, IHY


Position: Volunteer.
Location: Yangon.
Duration: To be determined on interview.
Expected date of Start: ASAP

1- Background

Impact Hub Yangon is an innovation lab, a business Incubator, a social enterprise community center. We offer you a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities to grow your impact. Our diverse community will inspire, connect, and enable you to develop your best work every step of the way.

2- Profile

We are looking for any and all motivated individuals that are willing to make an impact in their local communities as well as the larger world. When working in Impact Hub you will always be interacting with other people, other people with other skills having a curiosity to learn from the people around will help make you incredibly useful in this position and onwards so always having a curiosity to learn is key to creating this impact.

3- Key Tasks and Responsibilities

    • Member & Community Management (connecting members, helping with community projects, troubleshooting, problem-solving)
    • Reception, Welcome & Info-Point (giving info tours of the space, welcoming clients and visitors, receiving phone calls, receiving post)
    • Event team support (supporting setting up rooms for meetings & events, supporting catering for meetings & events)
    • Space management (opening and closing the space, keeping the space tidy and set up according to the standards)
    • (Any other tasks determined by the IHY staff and related to the project objectives.)

4 – Required Qualifications and Skills

• Reliability
• A drive to impact society through a business lens.
Personal device(Laptop or iPad)
• Good communication and team skills
• Fluent in English

Please get in touch with, if the assignment is of interest.

Jam the Yogurt | Series 1 Prelude 

Last Saturday IHY launched its new food innocation series with a bang!!!  This innovative event aims at creating a safe space for the food entrepreneurs and producers to meet, discuss and foster innovation in the industry of Myanmar. The session was well attended with great participation from the audience. There were amazing presentations on the food sector as well as interesting guest speakers. (Honorable Guest Speakers: Kyaw Thu Htet (Founder of MILS) and Calvin Pun (Founder of KekoKua | Haven Honey)
Products were available to see and to discuss processing and marketing techniques with the producers – and to taste!!! Showcasing included: Chat Kyee and Haven Honey.
With the technology sector and retail sector growing, many young people and even the policy makers in Myanmar tend to overlook the importance of promoting Myanmar food and agricultural sector. As a consequence, Myanmar producers, especially food entrepreneurs and enthusiasts run into heavy roadblocks. Impact Hub Yangon team has long have the passion of providing guidance for the entrepreneurial community in Myanmar. With this new innovative event, IHY team aims to help support and grow the food entrepreneurial community of Myanmar. 
The topics discussed during the forum: 

1. Do we need to consider food safety in value chain when we processing food through different value adders to become value-added products? How important is it? And what is the best way to control it?

2. Who are the relevant stakeholders in this process? What can they help with? Do they make things more complicated or easier? 
3. As an entrepreneur, what roles we can take and what can we contribute to improve the food sector?
Both honorable guest speakers touched heavily on the food safety concept. Founder of MILS noted that they are dedicated to be the innovative focused company that aims to bring the values of food safety sustainability to the food chain. Ko Kyaw Thu Htet focuses on the importance of producers to comply with, at the least, basic cleanliness and safety standards in processing and final packaging. Founder of KekoKua stated Haven Honey has surpassed the food standard of Myanmar FDA. After going through the lengthy and difficult administration process for 14 months, Haven Honey proudly holds the Myanmar FDA certificate as well as a hard-core customer base through respected chains like City-Mart Marketplace. Calvin highlighted the strict process of keeping dust away from the production site as well as the heavy efforts required to keep the site up to the required standards.
As an ending part of the fire-side chat, audience raised the 2 notable questions regarding: 
1) Myanmar FDA regulations on getting the products certified
2) What is the motivation behind the founders to start a food start-ups

On 17th August, impact Hub Yangon (IHY), in partnership with Friedrich Naumann Foundation
Myanmar, (FNF) ran Event #2 – part of the “Myanmar Digital & Development Event Series”. The Series aims to create a dialogue platform to raise awareness about the development of digital economy, innovations and startup ecosystem in Myanmar. In this workshop, more than 45 people from public and private digital sectors, entrepreneurs, academics, and speakers from FNF and IHY discussed and reviewed the existing digital polices, identifying constraints and challenges for development, and innovating solutions. Participants worked in groups and clearly enjoyed the presentations and networking sessions – and the food and drink, too.

Many businesses in Myanmar are focusing to develop the digital sector of the digital economy. Myanmar has a number of challenges in digital economic policy and related sectors. IHY and FNF teams have a passion to develop a strong digital economy community. The Digital Series aims to identify various kinds of digital businesses established in Myanmar, through a series of networking and workshop events and to create a digital dialogue platform to share experiences and raise awareness about the development of the digital economy and digital innovations in Myanmar.

In SeriesⅡ, we discussed the following topics:
1. Digital Literacy for Market/Consumer
2. SME Tax Payment
3. Digital Payment for Consumer/Client
4. Digital Security for Consumer/Client and
5. Media and the Digital Sector
Participants divided into five groups for the five topics and discussed topics such as stakeholders in the Ecosystem, including beneficiaries, challenges, constraints. There was also discussion about how to overcome constraints for each of these topics.

Description of the Digital Dialog Platform
IHY has the wide network of startups, entrepreneurs, and investors, and works closely with them, IHY is in an excellent position to lead the creation of a digital dialog platform where people can get inspired, discuss a range of digital topics happening in Myanmar, and share skills and experiences. The platform will help to build good relations between stakeholders, including investors, startups, and ecosystem builders, as well as assisting policy makers from the public sector to improve digital sector policies while recognizing the important role that the government plays in the development of the digital economy. IHY sees close synergy between this proposed work and the current mission of FNF Myanmar.

What’s in it for you, the participant?
– Taking part in this event from the start will enable you to:
– Turn your challenges and needs into new opportunities
– Have a chance to advocate the public sector people focuses on digital sector
– Get to know the current digital policies and regulations and the future plans
– Learn from relevant best practices from other startups and experts
– Meet the investors
– Networking to build new partnerships and get inspired

Keep yourself updated with Impact Hub Yangon Facebook Page and Website.

We will continue organizing more of series to further explore sustainable solutions to the challenges identified – in Series #3…. Watch for event timings and come join us!!!

UNDP, UNCTAD in partnership with Ooredoo Myanmar and Impact Hub Yangon promoted entrepreneurship and business skills by Empretec in Yangon.

The winners, runners-up, mentors and facilitators from the recent Hackathon 2018 organized by UNDP with Ooredoo Myanmar and Impact Hub, entrepreneurs and businesswomen were among the first graduates of the UNCTAD’s flagship entrepreneurship training organized in Yangon from 15-20 December 2018 with UNDP, and in partnership with Ooredoo Myanmar.

IHY team members joined this 6-days entrepreneurship training program which started on Saturday 15th December 2018. The program targets how to identify entrepreneurial potential, how to develop those competencies and identify new business opportunities.

Participants formed teams as co-founders and partners of their agreed business. They had to ‘register’ their company with the trainers, design their business model, and develop and market their product – all within 5 days!

The six-day training was offered under UNCTAD’s Empretec programme which began in 1988 and has trained more than 440,000 people in 40 countries and is the second collaboration between UNDP and Ooredoo following the signing the Memorandum of Understanding between the two organizations in November 2018.

The training is part of a bigger UNDP initiative to promote sustainable and inclusive growth in Myanmar through entrepreneurship promotion, employment creation and social impact investing for women and youth. UNDP is partnering with UNCTAD to pilot the Empretec training approach in Myanmar and assess its applicability in the country.

The Empretec graduates committed to working closely with UNDP to strengthen private sector networks, experience sharing and mentoring.

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Connect with the member from

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