01Social Impact Platform

The Social Impact Platform – linking buyers with socially responsible businesses to help make them financially viable and operationally sustainable. The Platform brings awareness and details of the products and services provided by social enterprises to the public.

02Ecosystem Snap Shot

Innovation is not limited to solely the digitization of IT-related fields, but instead can occur in various sectors and verticals without necessarily having the support of digital technologies. There are various takeaways from this snapshot, depending on your interests in the Myanmar entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem you may use this snapshot:

To identify different types of innovations and significant stakeholders within the innovation ecosystem in Myanmar.
To distinguish between Shan-based vs. Yangon-based start- ups and enterprises which are seeking either to launch or to scale-up within the Shan State with particular sector focus in tourism, agriculture, and agro-processing.
As a tool to gather information about existing innovation ecosystem actors in Myanmar, particularly in Yangon and Mandalay, that could support such start-ups, enterprises or innovations.
As a platform to connect important players in innovation ecosystem to each other to create synergies.