• Designation: Technical Assistant

Greetings, I’m Min Set Khant, a dedicated with a passion for navigating the complex world of data analytics. My journey has been propelled by a knack for uncovering patterns within data sets. Currently, I proudly serve as a Technical Assistant at Impact Hub Yangon, where I orchestrate sophisticated data operations to facilitate informed decision-making processes.
My career trajectory is marked by diverse experiences across various domains, each contributing to my comprehensive grasp of the data landscape. From delving into research-driven data mysteries to exploring the intricacies of data management, I’ve continuously evolved and adapted to new challenges.
Driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence and a fervent desire to drive meaningful change, I approach every project with determination, poised to unleash the transformative power of data. My expertise lies in Data Analysis, with a particular focus on leveraging tools like PowerBi, SQL, and Python to extract valuable insights.