• Designation: Accounting & Finance Officer
Hnin is a diligent and conscientious Accounting & Finance Officer of Impact Hub Yangon Company Limited. She is supporting Company’s financial affairs , government tax matters, assisting and providing the financial requirement for Manager, Founders & members to be more adaptable in the working process of Impact Hub Yangon Teams. She always considers the members and colleagues with mutual respect and tries to give the finest care and help if necessary for Impact Hub Yangon Teams .She has over five year experience in accounting, auditing & finance. She is especially responsible for maintaining accurate financial record ,preparing balance sheet, statement of financial position ,financial reports, processing invoices, receipt, and recording account payable and receivable, reconciling bank and cash in hand accounts, assisting with budget preparation, and reviewing financial policies. Her core expertise and strengths lie in accounting, financial reporting, policy implementation, and attention to detail. Her Vision & Mission for Impact Hub Yangon is not only to become a compliant employee and build a powerful and systemically growth of company financing & operating system but also to become a helpful colleague to create a warmly and comfortable working environment.