• Designation: Community and Event Coordinator

Meet our Community and Event Coordinator. With unwavering dedication to fostering connections and cultivating a thriving community, Mady excels in uniting entrepreneurs, youth, and like-minded individuals across various settings. Demonstrating a sustained passion for organizing impactful panels, cohorts, and events since her academic years, she consistently contributed to creating dynamic and engaging experiences.

In her pivotal role as our event coordinator, Mady orchestrates events that bring diverse members and mentors together, adding a dynamic touch to both internal and external atmospheres. As the creative force behind Impact Hub’s published content, she enhances the hub’s presence both online and offline.

Beyond her professional commitments, Mady is enthusiastic about environmental initiatives and sustainability. Enjoying and fulfilling her role, her mission seamlessly aligns with Impact Hub’s vision, making her an integral part of our commitment to positive change.